May Monthly Program

2nd Thursday of the month

Thursday, June 14, 2012
12:00pm - 1:30pm

Levine Museum of the New South
200 E. Seventh Street, Charlotte, NC  28202*

Intent versus Impact: Understanding How Good Intentions Can Hurt
Deborah J. Walker, Ph.D.

Recognizing the impact of our behaviors and decisions across cultural differences can help create inclusive work environments. Understanding and learning to respond differently when your unintended behaviors have a negative impact also increases your ability to help create this environment. In a no shame, attack, and/or blame environment, this skill building session presents opportunities to explore how it is possible to be well-intentioned and still say and do hurtful things. Learn how to enhance your ability to change unintended negative impacts. Improve your capacity to exchange honest feedback about the impact of your words and actions while staying connected to the other person. Increase your confidence in honoring yourself and in honoring others who are different from you and who may require different responses in order to feel fully valued and included. Help your team create an inclusive environment.

About The Presenter:

Deborah J. Walker, Ph.D., Principal, Deborah J. Walker Consulting, LLC and Senior Consultant, VISIONS, Inc. is a professional trainer and facilitator. She has provided consultation, training, organizational development, coaching, and technical assistance support to a wide range of municipal leaders and managers, corporate leaders and managers, community and faith-based groups and organizations, police and legal professionals, educators, health care providers, and health and food justice and environmental groups since 1986. Using an inclusion lens to address issues of inequity and disparity, her primary foci are community building, interpersonal and organizational problem solving, transition management, personal empowerment, conflict resolution, teambuilding, cross-cultural communication, and sustainability. Her personal goal is to help create and maintain organizational and community environments that recognize, understand, appreciate and leverage differences in ways that support diversity, equity, and inclusion. Her facilitation, analytical, problem-solving and conceptual skills as well as her ability to work with individuals and groups at various levels are some of her major strengths.

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*Two hours of free parking are included with the luncheon. Attendees/members should use the 7th Street Garage, adjacent to the Levine Museum. Bring their parking ticket to the Museum’s visitor reception desk where it will be validated.