Brief tour of the evolution of the gas analyzer

The essential high quality gas analyzer has seen quite a rapid and formidable evolution over the last thirty years or so. We thought we would give you a brief tour of the evolution of the specialized flue gas analyzer in the meantime. Then you, as a business handler or owner in the industrial complex zone can decide for yourself if you really need to update your inventory accordingly.

Back in the day, the notion of environmental protection was not spoken of. But flue gas innovators were already well aware of its significance and essential place in industry towards saving not just money and energy, but the surrounding environment. When environmental protection did start to create awareness among industrialists, they were still solely focused on saving energy. German industry remains at the forefront of both saving energy and preserving the environment.

During the late nineteen eighties, a Small Combustion Plant Directive was pioneered. This allowed artisans as modest as chimney sweepers to carry out their own emissions monitoring at small-scale plants. From thereon, the demand for flue gas measurements took off. It became necessary to develop flue gas analyzers which were both industry and country specific. On the national scale, industrialists were obliged to comply with new environmental protection regulations.

And granted they became increasingly aware of the financial impact this would have on their businesses if they were non-compliant. Today MRU emissions monitoring systems are being exported to many countries around the world. Consequently, design, development and construction facilities had to be expanded in order to meet growing demands, but interestingly, this industry does not look like it is going to have any negative bearing on the environment.

Rather, it is all looking quite positive, going forward.